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CIFRA develops AI technology analytical and optimization solutions to make better-informed business decisions

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Inspiring practice in utilizing information for intelligent decision making.

CIFRA Solutions

Joined power of expert knowledge and information technologies gives extra effect.

CIFRA builds human-machine interfaces for business decision making

CIFRA develops high-speed complex calculations embedded in systems of records or BI-systems

CIFRA Solutions

We create business solutions for all the areas where joined power of expert knowledge and information technologies (data warehousing, reporting, calculation performance) can give extra effect. Our current solutions work in the following areas:
Logistics – restock management, transportation optimization, procurement planning;
Marketing – prices and marketing actions analysis and planning;
Production planning and optimization.

How CIFRA Works

Our solutions are based on three pillars:
Data warehousing. Our solutions are data driven. All the source information, calculated actions and bottom line results are collected in a single data warehouse;
Data representation. We make all the data available for analysis;
Calculation engine. We combine use fast columnstore data warehouses and datamarts, and a set of programming tools to prepare data for analysis, to make predictions, to model solutions and to perform final optimization.


Why It Works

We don’t sell software – we build solutions. World most robust systems are built of open source software and we follow the same concept, we use software and tools that fit best our customers’ needs and we do it for more than twenty years and on more than a hundred projects.

CIFRA Products

Top quality apps are innovative, simple, reliable, secure, scalable, high-performance and standing the test of time.

CIFRA develops decision support systems using available software products and trusted technologies

CIFRA builds intelligent applications to help the executives in decision-making

Cifra Project: Replenishment of Stores

Automatic allocation of available stock between retail trading divisions. One calculation cycle for hunderes of stores is 20 minutes.

Cifra Project: Repricing

Calculation of the variants of the repricing of goods in retail chain. One calculation cycle for tens of thousands stock items in hundreds of stores is 10-15 minutes.

Reallocation of Stock between Retail Stores

Calculation of shortage of assortment in stock and calculation of possible supply sources.

Assortment Planning

Stock and sales analysis, assortment and store clustering, calculation of seasonal orders.

Deficiency Control

Even stock allocation based on retail store rating, substitution list, control over size range.

Analysis of Sales Structure

Analysis of sales structure: purchase price, retail margin, discounts, rebates.

Modelling changes in sales forced by marketing actions

Predictive analytics, sales forecast and planning


CIFRA Latest Projects

A good decision leads the company on the path of growth and prosperity.

CIFRA implements high-speed intelligent apps for retail companies to model decision variants

CIFRA implements analytical and optimization business solutions for different industries


ZENDEN group is a Russian diversified multi-profile federal scale holding. The company controls a retail chain, modern trade centers, footwear production, agencies abroad and some social projects. ZENDED Group is included in the mid-price segment and reinforces leadership at the Russian footwear market.

System of High-speed Calculation

The use of the intelligent application ‘Cifra Project: Repricing’ allowed accelerating the repricing process from 2 days to 15 minutes for hundreds of stores taking into account tens and millions of records from the history of sales, stock, price changes. The calculation tool works as a model enabling experts to control the rules and parameters of calculation and make best possible choice of a solution variant.





15 min

calc cycle


The group of companies RALF RINGER is one of the largest Russian producing company and retailer of footwear, one of the leaders on the national market. The company produces footwear for the entire family exclusively from natural materials and sells its products within middle price segment (in the range from 3 to 7 thousand rubles depending on the season; data for year 2016). The company owns three factories (in Moscow, Vladimir, Zaraysk) furnished with most modern process equipment, and a distribution network the largest in Russia (over 1000 trade points including more than 125 stores of company’s retail network). 

Intelligent Logistics System

Solution ‘Cifra Project: Replenishment of Stores’ allows optimizing the commodity stock in the stores. The processes included in the intelligent application commence from the analysis of conformity of current stock with assortment matrix and end with calculation and comparison of variants of store replenishment. The system works as a model enabling experts to control calculation rules and parameters to get alternative variants of replenishment. Calculation cycle of each variant is not more than 10 minutes for 150 stores.





 10 min

calc cycle

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